Renault Traffic - Camper Van
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What we started off with

As we were not sure if we like the van-life and if it is a good idea at all, transforming a builder van to a camper van, we oppted for a reasonable Renault Trafic 2010 with 260k kilometers 

Technical repairs

Well, when you buy an old van, many things can be wrong, and there were. We knew that the AC isn't working... but that was just the beginning.


It seems to be straightforward, but it isn't. The interior will grow organically, but there are many things to consider. Materials, layout, insulation... 


In the beginning, we recorded all our expenses, but then we just got overwhelmed. Building a camper van is not cheap, but still, most of the expenses went into the van and the technical repairs.

The result

Join us on a virtual tour of our van! (still under construction, will be here soon)

What we would do again, and what not

There are many things that we would (and will) do again, others we would avoid or not do again.