England and Scotland 2022

In summer 2022 we did a 3.5-week journey through England and Scotland. It was beautiful! We did 5800 km and had only a bad battery to deal with. We took the scooter on the back, so we were more mobile in large cities. Usually, we would camp in the middle of the city, in a normal parking spot and we would go to a camping site every third day to take a shower, wash our clothes and freshen up a bit. Van life is awesome! See the slide show for some impressions.

Croatia 2021

In the summer of 2021 we drove to Rovinj Croatia via Klagenfurt Austria. This trip took us over the Karavanken to Slovenia and then to Croatia. 

Des Glaciers

This is our first camping trip in Mai 2021, this campsite is at 1200 m in the Mont Blank area. Our van was not finished yet and thank god for the electric heater our neighbor lent us.